Tuesday, 2 March 2010

That's Gold!

Yesterday whilst working with Mrs Cooper, the prep class was given the task of creating a list of items needed to take on a fishing trip.

Sally couldn't understand why Mrs Cooper didn't include her suggestion on the list ..... beer.


  1. hahhah out of the mouths of babes !

  2. Straight to the top of the class Sally! Meredy xo.

  3. Hi
    Instead of replying on my site I thought I'd reply on yours so you receive the message. To keep this brief (otherwise this could turn into the longest comment ever) - in reply to your question about permaculture - I've been interested for a long time but procrastinated etc etc until I bought "The Permaculture Home Garden" by Linda woodrow. The best thing about the book is that there's a plan to follow and this has really helped me start up (otherwise I'd still be thinking about it). I've modified it to suit my own requirements (my area is smaller but totally manageable) and I've got encouraging results and it's satisfying to see.
    ...and yes, Meg did drive to Townsville (actually in Ayr for two nights, will arrive in Tville on Sunday) so she will have driven past your front gate some time yesterday (Fri) morning! They're coming back via Emerald, home Wednesday.
    I can't understand either, why Mrs Cooper didn't include Sally's suggestion on the fishing trip list.

  4. Ha, ha, ha. Love it.



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