Thursday, 8 April 2010

School Holidays

...can only mean one thing.

Saddling up and heading off to work.

We spent Easter at Chabo and finally got our cows in and away without a bog. Still some very wet spots on the road however.
The view from the back verandah showed beautiful green grass and tall skies.

We have embryo calves falling at the moment. A little late and out of season, but these will be the last until Spring. And with grass plentiful, they'll enjoy a lovely start to life. Our first young babe caused his mother a very upleasant birthing experience. No reaching for the gas mask in the bovine birthing suite. She experienced a particularly nasty uterine prolapse which Matthew successfully "re-inserted". Nothing like hanging your uterus out to air! (No photos necessary).

Stitches were removed this evening and all looks well. With a slap on the rump she was wished well and advised to refrain from sneezing.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful photos. And poor Mumma Cow - no sneezing and no bouncing on trampolines!! x



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