Thursday, 22 April 2010

There's No Business like Show Business

I've certainly been a very slack blogger of late haven't I.
Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Our local Agricultural Show was held last Saturday amidst a flurry of show bags, hot donuts, fashion parades, led cattle, shiny prancing horses, schoolwork, jumping dogs, freshly-baked cakes and slices, and ending with a magnificent display of fireworks.

Unfortunately I didn't get more photos.

We did get showbags, capguns, sticky hands, too much softdrink, schoolwork prizes, dog-jumping prizes, and a junior steward award.

We also got very tired!


  1. Hi
    I know what you mean about life getting in the way of blogging. There's lots of things I think I could post about but then another day goes by and they're forgotten - plus I post "clandestinely" and with five of us in the house it's a bit hard to be discreet!
    Sounds like the show was good, we can tell where you spent most of your time!. Ours is on tomorrow and Saturday; we're taking silkies and wyandottes again.

  2. I do so admire the way you are raising your children



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