Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You're Soaking in It

Life as I know it has ended ... my dishwasher washes dishes no more.

Sally's fault.

She knows one must not stand on the open door. Particularly when the lower tray is extended, awaiting its fill of dirty pots and pans. Unfortunately the point of balance was passed, and dishes, cutlery, the dishwasher, the microwave (residing on top of the dishwasher), and bowls full of paraphernalia (residing on top of the microwave) all came crashing to the floor.

The impact was such that the little buttons along the front of the dishwasher are now forever more depressed.

As am I.


  1. Oh dishwasher in a house of 6; I guess a sink roster is in order. Will you smile as sweetly as the lady in your photo; I wouldn't. Good luck with your fitness regime, although I expect you're pretty active anyway?
    Nice new banner too - great photo this one.

  2. Uhoh! I have never had a dish washer! ;)

  3. Hmm yes the kids have just earnt a new chore until the dishwasher is replaced ...good luck !



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