Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Absolutely Lovin'...

my new slow-cooker.

Have only enjoyed the presence on my kitchen bench of this little wonder for the past week (Happy Mother's Day to me!), but am already wondering how I managed to exist earlier. My life will forever more be defined by pre-slow-cooker and post-slow-cooker.

After Middle Eastern Lamb Casserole, Sweet Indian Beef Curry and Corned Beef all coming forth from its beautiful teflon-coated interior in the past few days, I did notice the children head towards it after school yesterday afternoon and breathe a rather noticeable collective sigh of relief that the slow cooker was having a night off. Apparently you can have too much of a good thing!


  1. Yummo, corned beef, you have just given me a brilliant idea and the shops are all shut!

    Yes the slow cookers are brilliant machines, we should use ours more often.

    Thanks for you lovely compliment about my new blog look and photo, you make me feel all warm and lovely inside :)

    have a great weekend


  2. I thought your Mothers Day cards were delightful - and I'm admiring your slow cooker too. It looks very stylish and the meals sound rather exotic. I can see I'm going to have to work on what I churn out of mine - I only ever serve boring old casseroles/stews.



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