Thursday, 27 May 2010


The classroom theme for this term at school has been Australian Culture. We've enjoyed some discussion on barbecues, mates, cobbers, diggers, Anzac Day, pavlovas, meat pies and XXXX beer to name but a few.

Last Friday also saw the students perform an Aboriginal dance signifying a special story from the 'Dreamtime'.

Sally was a crow in the tale of 'how the birds got their colour', Sarah and Wallace bustards (plain turkeys) in the tale of 'why emus cannot fly' and Jessie was a bird-man in a rather tragic tale of snakes and birds and a time when all animals were in human-form! (or something like that).

A great learning experience all-round!


  1. I love their paint...And their splendid dance pose!

  2. Oh master photographer, you have to tell us what camera you use to take such wonderful photos (although I know it's your talent mostly).

  3. Hello
    Re "The Company" - yes, it's a bit hard to keep it under wraps when everywhere you look there's that distinctive logo - on our t-shirts, dress shirts, jeans, ties, caps, water bottles, towels, picnic blankets, bbq tools, eco shopping bags and every bit of paper that floats in and out of the house - not to mention on the meat we eat! But I figure if I don't say the name out loud then I can get away with talking about what we do, just a little bit. I'd like to say more but feel like I shouldn't.
    ...and yes, I'd love to be brave enough to pull the plug on technology sometimes too but I do love my computer and the internet - and how could I survive without being able to skype, email and text Drew if he ends up going to Canada next year!!!?
    Take Care



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