Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

As Australians collectively raised their cuppas and enjoyed their lamingtons this month, working together as part of "Australia's Biggest Morning Tea" celebrations to raise funds for the Cancer Council, our small community also played along.

Pumpkin scones piled high with raspberry jam and great dollops of cream, passionfruit custard slices, date and walnut cake with great slatherings of butter, warm zucchini slice to mention but a few of the delicacies placed before us.

There was also a cake stall operating, selling home-baked goodies to all and sundry. I gladly offered to bring along my old faithful...carrot cake. Always been a lover of carrot cake. T'was even the cake of choice at our wedding.

As I entered with my cake in hand, Rhonda, the lovely organiser of the event, asked would I mind if they auctioned my cake, being as well-known in these parts as it is! Although happy to oblige I did feel some concern that if it only made three bucks I may be a tad embarrassed!!!

So I was more than delighted when the local ambo took home my cake for fifty big ones! Happy smoko lads.


  1. Hiya, Its the TOP one. I know, right. You would definately pick the second based on "the look". But old "butter would melt in my mouth" is TROUBLE. Naughty & hardwork. Lucky she is cute. By the way, I love your blog, I need to update my side bar to include you so as I can regularly keep up. Yeah I get sick of perfect children & perfect homes, mine are neither. But I try & weed out the gross bits, Ha. Niki x

  2. Okay so my carrot cake is only a packet variety but at least I try. Maybe one day we can get in the kitchen together and you can show me how the experts do it.

  3. Fifty bucks for a carrot cake!! That's fantastic - and all for a great cause.



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