Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Story of My Life

A rather interesting side-effect of blogging is how concerned I have become with how 'uninteresting' my life must seem to others.

Instead of being a treasured record of one's life, blog-land becomes a competitive arena to see whose children are the cutest, funniest, wittiest, whose kitchen the most stylish and most importantly, whose writing style the most quirky. As I'm side-tracked off to other's blogs, I am constantly in awe of the beauty in their lives.

Rarely a tale of blocked greywater sumps, of pulling dead breech calves from mama cows, hot water systems that erupt in the night draining not one, but two rainwater tanks; no stories of bulls up-ended in water-troughs, irrigation pumps who've lost the will to pump, cows with prolapsed uteruses, baskets overbrimming with dirty clothes, as well as others overflowing with ironing, burst poly-fittings which leak thousands of gallons of water, not to mention the lack of tales of lawnmowers broken down with couch grass now almost reaching to the seat in mockery of the mighty Husqvarna. Not so many stories of unkempt houses, of food crumbs under the table, chickens in the laundry, unmade beds and dirty windows. I see none of this on other's blogs, yet my own life is full of such stories. And I have to wonder does anybody really want to know!

But having recently received in the mail a copy of my blogging from 2009 in hard-cover book form, I have so enjoyed re-living last year and especially seeing the photos of my children growing, playing and just being, that I'm determined to get back on track with plenty more 'life' stories to share.

For, at the end of my days when I look back through these pages, it will not be some stranger's marble benchtops, someone else's frittata recipe or crafting ideas that will be of interest to me, it will be these four little critters and our messy home and rocky hills that will be the story of my life.


  1. For what its worth, I love reading about your real life adventures. It's not all about gloss and sparkle, there is a sense of authenticity that mades C, K & C a very good read. Write more darling! We all need to read about things like chickens in the laundry!

  2. Yep I for one check your blog every few days, love hearing about your life on the land, always been a dream of mine so I can live it through you & your adorable family.Keep it up. Binding the book, a fab idea!

  3. I love reading your blog - it is far from boring. I love seeing the photos of your kids on their ponies. I can assure you my life is REALLY boring!

  4. It's a credit to you Fiona. Peter and I love reading it. I hate it when you haven't done a blog for a while. Keep it up. What a great legacy to leave the kids. Peter and Dinah. x

  5. What a great idea to put your blog into book form - it will be wonderful to look back on in years to come. I love reading your blog - your life is so different to mine and my city kids.

  6. I loved this post! I want to turn mine into a book, how did you do it????
    It's so easy to fall into the competitive thing, but I have to remember what it's all about. Recording our day to day lives to look back on...for US! :) It doesn't matter if I feel like I'm not very interesting, or if my writing isn't great.

  7. Your life boring? I don't think so. Now, my life is another thing. I sometimes look back over my blog and think that it's lucky I don't have any followers because they'd wonder how I survive such a mundane existence! I tend not to say too much on 'sliprail' about work on because I suspect somewhere within the Protocols and Procedures of The Company, there's a little line that forbids employees from being too public about what goes on in their place of employment (as some found out from their Facebook pages recently). Even though we live and breathe what we do here 24 hours a day I only refer to it vaguely. So it really only leaves me a couple of things to talk about - the house garden, the permaculture garden, the chooks and my family!

    I blog for a couple of reasons - to clear my head and to record the daily/weekly happenings so that one day, when I make the blog public to my family and friends, they can read through and remember what we've been doing since November 08. Sometimes when I've read back over postings I've been reminded of things that I would have forgotten about if I hadn't written about them.

    Plus, in years to come I want my children to look back and gain a sense of how much I love them and how important they've been in my life (even though I tell them all the time) and also for them to gain a little insight into their mother as not just the person who was in the kitchen, behind the wheel of the car or telling them to "hurry up" or to "be more organised" (as happened this morning on the way to the school bus).

    So my advice is just to continue on as you are; don't change anything about how you write or what you blog about. Just enjoy it and your followers and readers will continue to enjoy it too.

    I think you've given me a good topic for a blog post - something different to write about!


  8. I'd really like to thank everybody for their lovely feedback. I wasn't looking for a standing ovation as my husband suggested!
    Jennifer, I'm sure there are many businesses these days turning blogs into books, but I went to (found them via blogger), and if you have a look there, you can instantly put in your blog details and see a preview of your book. I thought I'd do it at the end of each year to have an annual diary of our lives.
    I really enjoy your blog, love seeing life on the other side of the world and watching your beautiful little boy growing.
    Thanks again everybody.

  9. Thanks Fiona, I'll check that out. :)

  10. I'm a little late to respond...But, I too love reading your blog. It's full of real life adventures and the memories we ranch women cherish. Keep up the good work! My husband and I love checking out your blog, as his dream would be to ranch in your far-away land one day!

  11. Fiona, I've just seen this post and really have to say that your blog is a delight to read. Its real. Don't change a thing. I feel the same as you when I read some of the 'glossier' blogs but everyone blogs for different purposes and you've met your brief perfectly :-)

  12. Fiona, I love your blog. We live in the country and have the same stuff going on!! You write well and your blog is so interesting. I would love to come to Australia and meet you some day.
    Cathy, Utopia, TX, USA



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