Wednesday, 30 June 2010


School Holidays....

My favourite weeks of the year.

No packed lunches, no lost library books and no school bus waiting at the gate.
Saturday saw the kids and I preg-testing 80 k down the road, Sunday a little mowing, a little tidying, a little washing, then off to town Monday for a holiday sleep-over.

And so now, with holiday haircuts behind us, a particularly high number of in-car incidents, some shopping, and two girls left behind in town for spoiling, we're now looking forward to saddling up for some weaning, and also re-uniting with Mama Pig who has been away visiting her boar-friend, but returned home whilst we were in town.

Wallace and Sally are revelling in being part of a two-child family. I've always believed the nicest thing you can do for a mother is take away one of her children for a break. Whether you're a mother of two, three, four or more, removal of any one of the little tykes seems to be an instant holiday. Take two, and lordy I'm lying back in a deckchair on a secluded beach in Mauritius.

Except for the smell of pigs, the bellowing of cows and the yelping of dogs.
A lot like Mauritius.

Life's Good.


  1. Hi
    I've been wondering where you've been - figured you've just been enjoying the change of pace that school holidays bring.

  2. Hi and thanks for your good wishes; it was quite a few days.
    If we'd been at school together we'd have been keeping each other company in the background! G, M and D are so able to be "out there" - alas, I am not.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to over the holidays - and in reply to your question about how I'm coping re Canada - I'm just glad the 22 page application has gone. Now it's just a waiting game.



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