Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Brown Eyed Girl...

We've always been mesmerised by the dark chocolate eyes of our youngest daughter. This past week though, we've been haunted by the great bruised black rings of pain reminding us of a particularly nasty full-frontal into a hitching rail last weekend.

When Tammy's lead slipped from her grasp and Sal fled in hot pursuit, unfortunately the floppy brim of her work hat fell over her eyes, obscuring her view of the rail looming at eye-height. The outcome was all but pretty. A huge protrusion, blood, tears and a great need for "Maaaahhhhhmmmyyyy!!!" followed. Some tissues, ice and lots of cuddling were of great help.

And she's enjoyed the great myriad of colours that greet her in the bathroom mirror every morning since. We're now down to the last yellows, having been through the purples, blues and greens along the way.

Tammy, is still on 'good behaviour'.


  1. Here's to a quick recovery - for both mother and daughter.

  2. Poor Baby Girl. I know all about black eyes. Dinah. x

  3. awwww! Sad that such a sweetie had to have so much pain



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