Friday, 25 June 2010

Tucker Time

Kids in the bush learn pretty early on, that they're not the centre of the universe. They learn that their wants and needs will always come after our animals. As the temperatures start to fall in these parts, these old snoozers wait by the front fence every evening for a dipper of feed and a warm rug.
. Regardless of weather, these squealers seem to believe they're always starving.

They particularly enjoy warm corn, fresh out of the copper.

And if Sal could ever open this darn chookhouse door, she'd give them some too.
Help someone!
But possibly worst job of all, goes to the oldest of course.

Lucky she loves her dogs so much.

And tomorrow they'll do it all again, but at least they won't be in uniform.
School holidays have started!!!


  1. That's so wild that while we're having triple digit heat, ya'll are cooling off. Crazy!

  2. I think that these city kids are missing out really! Chores don't sound like much fun but it teaches them much. I don't think playstation can say that. xx

  3. Hi Fiona
    Yes there was an accident outside our little block and the outcome was a sad one, hence the funeral. It was a reminder to appreciate what is precious in life and to not sweat the small stuff (which I have been known to do occasionally)!



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