Tuesday, 13 July 2010

According to Slim Dusty...

" can have your fancy dishes of egg and bacon rolls,
but the feed that I love best of all are ribs cooked on the coals".

and while I may argue the point that there's nothing much fancy about egg and bacon rolls, there's no dispute that ribs are one of the delights savoured after the kill.

This weekend saw the school holidays come to an end with us stocking the freezer with beef.

I decided not to upload too many photos of the actual butchering, but the older girls assisted bravely.

Here they search for a kidney amongst the kidney fat.

With forty kilos of mince stacked away in the depths of the freezer,

I can see a lot of lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, rissoles, meatballs and meat-pies coming our way.

These lovelies, rib fillets on the bone, will be savoured with a glass of red while the children eat tin spaghetti!!!

For their job is to simply keep working...

Keep that Cryo-vac machine humming Jess.

Looks like beef on the menu at our place for some time to come.


  1. I was looking forward to the butchering photos! I can't tell you how much I would love to have my chest freezer filled with all that lovely beef...I bet it tastes just amazing. Gorgeous photos of the kids at their "craft". What a team! Meredy xo.

  2. Those ribs look fantastic. There's something very satisfying about having a freezer full of meat.



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