Thursday, 29 July 2010


Poor Mama Pig.
She's due to have her babies any day soon. Her movements are down to a slow waddle, and only then if food is near.
I was much the same.
Only bigger.

What's more troubling though, is what's happening to her tail...

What the?

We've taken to calling her Julia.

She's no sense of humour though.

Unless you're carrying food.


  1. Poor Julia; she must be feeling poorly. I would also have lost my sense of humour at the though of what's ahead. I look forward to hearing how many she has. I quite like her tail - makes her stand out from the crowd!

  2. I lost my sense of humor when I was about that pregnant, too. Mercy, how I hated our pigs when we were kids...I'd go out to feed them and have a croquet mallet in my hand (I was a little girl, I couldn't hit that hard...) to try and prevent the things from eating my rubber boots!

  3. I laughed so much when I read this, my name is Julia.

  4. Thanks for the happy travel wishes and yes I'll keep blogging wherever I can find wifi access. Not sure about photos tho, might have to upload them when we return. See you on the other side!!
    PS - Something extraordinary would have to happen for me to gain an appreciation of cricket!

  5. She may not have a sense of humor ,But you sure do...

  6. That is funny....poor piggy! I enjoyed my look around your blog....very interesting! Hope you can stop by my farm for a visit...and say hi too!



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