Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Mum's Shadow

I have a little girl who wants to be just like mum when she grows up.
Poor little soul.

As she sat on the kitchen floor Monday and cried about going back to school, there seemed little I could say to console her.

So in a foolish attempt to make my little girl smile again, I hurriedly muttered something along the lines of her only needing to go to school until she can read and write.

In the two days since, she has spent every waking moment with her face in a book and a pencil in her hand. I've no doubt she'll be tackling Shakespeare before the year's out!

Not yet sure what my next move will be.


  1. Well Sal, if you go to school just a bit longer maybe you will learn how to write fantastic Blogs like your mum and i can get you a computer so you can send Blogs to me.
    Old Nev.

  2. What a cutie! :)

    I always love looking at your makes me grin!

  3. Oh dear - how did the week go? Before you both know it Sally will be in Grade 12 and making plans to head off into the world and you will be left wondering where it all went - you'll be able to show her this blog entry and have a laugh (and maybe a tear) before she disappears down the road in a cloud of dust!

  4. It's a shame we missed you on the weekend. I thought you were heading back today (monday) for some reason. The girls have had such a boring holiday while we moved that I plan to take them up to Yeppoon in September. Hopefully, we can get up to your place so they can see you and the animals. Next time you head down to 'bloody Brisbane' make sure that baby comes with you. We want to see her too. x



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