Monday, 19 July 2010

Planes, Puzzles & Automobiles

Friday saw the three older children and myself board an airplane and head south to Brisbane. As first-time air travellers the excitement of the kids was unimaginable.

The reason for our southern venture was Grandad's birthday, and in a Brisbane hospital an unsuspecting Grandad lay waiting. Lay waiting with two brand new, shiny, stainless steel knees very freshly replaced.

A ticket had been purchased for Sally, but in the past week with much talk of visiting hospitals and having to be on best behaviour, she suggested it would be for the best if she stayed home with Dad. "I just can't promise I'll be able to be good enough or quiet enough" were her words. I didn't argue.

I knew I had enough to contend with...

The second great excitement of the day was a phone call that we could not be met at the airport and would have to catch a cab to the hospital. "This day just can't get any better," Wallace declared. First plane ride and now first taxi ride! Woohoo!

This sign en-route to the hospital brought a chuckle.

And then the kids settled in to hospital routine for quite a lot longer than I'd anticipated them being able to remain still for.

Armed with puzzle books, crayons, colouring pages and Roald Dahl they managed to occupy their time in a very 'hospital-appropriate' manner.

Lots of strange odours can assault your senses in and around hospitals...

....chances are your kid brother could have something to do with it.

Grandad was absolutely thrilled to see these goons walk through his hospital room door. Quite a birthday.

Sunday saw us back at the airport. With seating at a minimum, fortunately we're not fussy where we eat. Running into quite a media throng at one of the arrival lounges, we decided to hang around and see what all the fuss was about. Upon overhearing that Kevin Rudd was about to arrive, we moved on. As Jess commented "I didn't think he was famous anymore".

And back home we came.


  1. Wow, that's some adventure you all had - Sally's reasoning is priceless. I love the sign - very well said. Hope Grandad's new knees have him up and running soon.

    Meg is fine (so far). She goes back to the doctor in a week. I had the same when I was 3 months pregnant with her and had the cyst and ovary removed while she was nestled nearby in my womb (too much information?? - sorry).

    And Drew - well he just couldn't see the problem with the weekend arrangements!! One day I'll gently remind him when he rings me and tells me his 17yr old wants to go partying in public.

    We leave August 2 and will be back on the 18th; a bit of a whirlwind trip really. I refused to go for any longer. Cricket in Singapore, cricket in Dublin then a week of cricket in Harrogate for the Golden Oldies World Cup. You may have detected a slight hint of sarcasm in some of my postings on our cricket weekends. I don't like cricket (grass growing, paint drying etc) but I love my husband so off I go.....

  2. Fun!
    I would have been like the kids... ha, I've never been on an airplane either, and I'm not really planning on it.

    I love to read your blog post!!

  3. Your children always make my heart smile.....

  4. I've never flown either...I'm not sure I would have been that excited! ;)

  5. What a trip! Can't wait to catch up, I have missed you.

    Blessings, C~



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