Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Told you so!

With nearly fifteen years of married life behind me, I've long realised that husbands and wives don't always agree.

This inevitably leads to some potholes in life's highway.

And whether the issue in question is a choice of bathroom tile, methods of disciplining offspring, rosewood or ironbark for fence-posts, or chicken or beef for tea, I've no doubt couples worldwide are no exception.

We recently entered cattle in a carcase competition. Not a terribly romantic notion, a very dissimilar outcome to a Miss Universe for example. These poor bovines compete 'on the other side' so to speak. Carcases are evaluated at the meatworks, with points allocated for evenness of fat cover, marbling, eye muscle area, fat colour to name but a few.

Matthew and I entered two steers and two heifers on our own behalf, and drafted off one of Mum and Dad's steers to also be entered.

Twas here at the yards that a little wager was held. My money was on Dad's steer, a beautiful grey Brahman steer displaying length, softness, smoothness and evenness of coverage. My husband on the other hand, who makes his living assessing cattle preferred a big square heifer of ours, indeed a very nice example of carcase quality. And while I admitted that I didn't get paid to know anything about cattle, I was sticking with the steer.

Here's the result:

Not only did 'my' steer win his class,
he was then awarded Champion Grassfed Carcase,
and then, against many grainfeds, was awarded GRAND CHAMPION CARCASE from some 322 entries.

I may let Matthew have a hold of the day.


  1. I'm with you Matt. It was a bloody good heifer. On the other hand the steer was a pretty good team effort. Congratulations all round.Pity they didn't see our entry at the Beaudesert Show back then.

  2. A carcase competition? My mind is spinning and my stomach is churning.
    P.S. You are the only natural blonde I know who dyes her hair brunette! It's meant to be the other way around.

  3. Ah, a picture tells a thousand words - Congrats on both wins (especially yours). I would only let Matthew admire the trophies from afar - and then maybe one day he'd be allowed to clean them.

  4. Ha! Funny! Go girl power. Dinah x



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