Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Meet Tawny

This little fellow's moved into our laundry.

There was an opening after the chickens vacated last month.

We stumbled upon him while doing the rounds Sunday morning. He was hanging by a wing and a leg in a barbed wire fence. On first glance we actually thought he was dead and continued on our way. It was on the way back that the kids noticed his head move. So he was rather unceremoniously disentangled and placed near a log to recover. Naturally the Harry Butlers amongst the younger members of the family weren't prepared to leave it at that and returned that afternoon to find he hadn't moved. So wrapped in a towel, home he came.

While his leg and wing seem to have some damage, his appetite's quite healthy. After having some water syringed into him, he then managed to force down two small bait frogs, followed by two geckos.
I think he's going to make it.
And our houseyard eco-system's in for a bruising.
At least if you're of the smallish amphibious or reptilian persuasion.


  1. Love the Tawny's , such beautiful birds, good on you & the family for saving this one, he's very cute indeed.

  2. Yeah well I've got a magpie and it sits on my foot.

  3. You know they're a sign that something good is on its way. In our case, it was Mimsi. One flew into our house and sat on our sideboard (during the day) just before we found out we were expecting a baby.

  4. You are SUCH a better mother than me. I'm, how should I say this? Such an Indoor Girl. LOL!

    I am however going to get a sign that says, "the only thing Normal around here is a setting on the washing machine."

    Blessings, C~



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