Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mummy's Boy

Sometimes my children play tricks on me.
(Like doubling in size since this photo was taken four years ago):

Sometimes they tell me they're unwell and couldn't possibly go to school.
Sometimes I know they're not really ill, but sometimes I just like to keep one of them home from school to keep me company.  I'm selfish like that.
And this morning when my little boy told me he didn't feel good, I may have even rolled my eyes as I continued to make roast pork and gravy sandwiches for their lunches.

But because he's my little boy I told him he could stay at home. Even though I had rolled my eyes.
And since he's since been very, very sick in his bed and I'm busily washing sheets, I realise I should be more particular about what I roll my eyes about.
Sorry my boy.


  1. I think every mother is guilty of that. Hope he is better soon.

  2. These photos are so cute. Meg made The Rock Wallaby Birthday Cake (well that's what I've christened it anyway) for Chris' birthday on the weekend and it was very popular. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope the patient has recovered.

  3. Awww..Makes me miss my little boy..that is no longer a little boy..SWEET... You are the best mom there is....

  4. Weaners have been for a look but have stayed on the right side of the fences so far. Blood pressure is all over the place, so is G (at Comet tonight). I'd say if not a change of lifestyle then definitely a change of diet might be on the horizon. Spring babies already - a great start to the season. Here's to many more.



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