Monday, 9 August 2010

Note to Self

We have a number of 'Golden Rules' in our house.

First and foremost and readily recited by all younger members of the clan is my personal favourite "Look after your animals and be kind to your brothers and sisters". We tried to instil this one from a very early age. Still it seems to be rather easily dismissed.

Another golden rule is 'Whoever's on Chook Duty, MUST empty the scraps'. How hard can it be? Possibly not of the 'Golden Rule' calibre, but a rule all the same.

Yet another is 'Always feed your animals before you feed yourself'.

And the point of this post, the golden rule that says 'Don't ever, ever, ever turn your back whilst filling the molasses trailer'.

Which is all very well if you're not capable of multi-tasking to begin with.

Today however, the clock was being fought from the outset, with two trailer loads of molasses to go out, hay to be fed, pig-sorghum to be boiled, a full feed-up to complete and make it to school by 3 as the bus wasn't running, and then onwards to town.

And as the molasses trailer seems to behave like a 'watched kettle' I figured I'd have time to set the tank up running into the trailer, head for home at a fast jog (slight exaggeration), jump on the tractor, quickly run out some round bales and back to the trailer before it was full.

While some people get their adrenaline rushes on the ski-slopes of Southern France, bungee jumping over the Niagara Falls or running bulls in Pamplona, I get mine bouncing the John Deere in High Fourth from yards to hay paddock and back again, all the while wondering if the two precious show heifers in the paddock of the molasses tank have managed to dislodge the outlet pipe from the tank.

And while I'm happy to report the heifers got up to no mischief, I will confide it is impossible to run out more than three round bales in the time it takes for the molasses trailer to fill.

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