Monday, 16 August 2010

The Sisterhood

These girls have never played on a Wii,

nor an X-box, Nintendo or a Playstation. Nor any other electrical device which encourages sitting blank-faced in front of a television screen for extended periods of time.

Nor will they ever own a mobile phone. At least not while I'm paying the bill.

Ask them if they've heard of Facebook, and they'll probably cock their head to the side and stare at you quizzically, much like this dog is prone to do.

Asked what 'myspace' is, she'd probably respond her bedroom, which is more of 'ourspace', having shared with her younger sister all of her younger sister's life.

And I don't think they're really missing out!


  1. They absolutely are NOT missing out!!! Bravo to you!!

  2. We raised our youngun's the same way. And I'd bet they wouldn't trade it for anything! Our oldest's best friends were dogs and a buffalo we used to train cutting horses! Excellent post! Keep up the good work!

  3. wow...i so wished we lived there.....they are so not missing out....i wish my girls had NEVER played a WII too.....



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