Friday, 13 August 2010

What a Week!

There has been quite a level of excitement amongst the rocks and wallabies this week.

First and foremost, Mama Pig delivered her baby pig-a-lets earlier in the week. Unfortunately, and yes, size really does matter, she's been squashing quite a few of them, and we're down to seven last count. Hopefully these magnificent seven are sufficiently street-savvy to step aside when she lies down. At only three days of age, they've already taken to bravely venturing outside the sty in which they were born. Many have already felt the sharp sting of the electric fence on an inquisitive nose.

Tuesday we headed to town for our District Sports Carnival, where Sarah and Wallace participated in the sprints. Both were extremely excited, tummies full of butterflies. Wallace told me he thought his head would fall off he was shaking so much at the start-line. About half way down the track though genetics stepped in and prevented too much further excitement.

My boy lost his front tooth. Probably about time as he races on towards eight later this year. Not to be outdone, Sally wiggled and prodded and pulled and pushed until one of her bottom front teeth also came out. Busy week for the Tooth Fairy. And yes, this means my last baby has lost her first tooth. Momentous!

And last week these goons commenced hockey training. One of our school mums is an A-grade hockey player, so we're using her skills for our personal advantage and she's coaching the children on a Friday afternoon.

It would seem at this stage the best part of being a professional hockey player is wearing a mouthguard. A more fetid, germ-carrying receptacle I dare you to find.

This sweet baby also came to live on my desk this week. I love her. She's fast. And quiet. And doesn't need to be fed.

We also enjoyed 66 glorious millimetres of rain. Our first rainfall since March, we had aching necks from staring skywards. A beautiful early start to Spring, particularly enjoyed by my long-suffering garden.

There's also been a little photography taking place at the yards. The time of year when bulls pose for their annual photo-shoot. Bull Sales will be upon us in the very near future. This year we head to Charters Towers in mid-October.

So here's to a glorious weekend, ready to start all over next week.


  1. I love Love LOVED this post. You have a gift my friend of pictures and words, humor and depth. Enjoy all the blessings Spring brings, it's my favorite season, new life.

    Blessings, C~

  2. Welcome to all the new babies, especially the one that lives on your desk and doesn't require feeding. May she bring you many happy hours of blogging.

  3. Delight filled blog as usual..Thank you...



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