Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hockey 2

There's room for more than one hockey star in this family.

The addition of a mouthguard instantly transforms young girls into fierce competitors.

Look at her go.

A champion in the making.

Don't mess with this.

Talk to the stick.

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  1. I like the "Don't mess with this" photo - that "look" will be useful in years to come.

    And yes, Gibbo did put his stamp on our children. People commented on it almost from the day each of them was born. Drew did manage to get some height genes from me but poor Megey missed out.

    The sun is out here this morning but it certainly feels like it could rain again this afternoon. I don't know how much there was here at the house as the cattle broke the rain gauge a while ago and we haven't replaced it. We usually go by what is measured down at the FL.

    The book to go by for your permaculture is by Linda Woodrow and called The Permaculture Home Garden. It gave me clarity and a plan - two things I really needed to get started. It gave me motivation too and once I had the first station ready to plant I just kept going. All you need to do to start is find/make a round chook pen and map out your seven circles according to the pen size. Throw in scraps and mulch/leaves/hay/old cow pats/dirt every few days and you'll soon have a vege bed ready. My chook pen is half the size of Linda's plan in her book but that's because I already had it available and didn't want to make a new one. It also means the seven circle mandala is a manageable size and enjoyable to work in without being too big.

    OK, end of rant, I'm off to my second last tuckshop day ever (unless I decide to stay on next year!). you have a good week too. M



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