Tuesday, 14 September 2010

How many kids can you fit on a Quad?

I recall being pregnant with our third child, mustering on this bike with Sarah aged three, and Jessie, eighteen months also on board.  I thought at the time that my days of venturing out on the bike would be impossible with an extra little one.  How wrong I was.  In fact it is possible for Mum and four kids, two dogs and a bale of hay to fit on this machine. 

Not comfortable.  Not recommended.  But doable.


  1. How many fit on a quad bike? Why, four of course. Most people think the 'quad' refers to the number of wheels. No sirey!
    We're up next week. Hope we can catch up!

  2. Lol, aren't those great machines? I had to rescue my mother and my child out in the desert, so I had the 3 of us and a dog on there... you're right, it's not recommended!! But hilarious!
    Love your blog!



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