Saturday, 11 September 2010

Not More Hockey!

So yesterday was the big day.

By 7 am yesterday morning, we'd enjoyed a hearty meal of scrambled eggs, hastily threw dishes in the dishwasher, inhaled a cup and a half of mandatory morning caffeine, packed an esky full of sandwiches, mandarines and chocolate cake, filled water bottles and were on our way over the range, 80 km to our west to participate in the first of what will become an annual local small schools' hockey tournament.  (a big sentence I know, 'twas a big morning).  With sunscreen plastered over little faces, hockey sticks at the ready, school war cries voiced, we were ready.

And what a super day it was.  These youngsters who had never had the opportunity to compete in a team sport before, and had never played hockey before the start of this term, amazed us all with their newfound skills and more importantly their terrific sense of sportsmanship.

And on what was a particularly hot Spring day in CQ, they ducked and weaved, sweated and toiled, and most importantly had a ton of fun.

Our Junior team were victorious, with the Senior team runners-up.  

The worst part of the day is being subbed out, so everybody gets a turn.

And Wallace, who's brought home two medallions this week, is just a little unsure which one he's most proud of.  It's a toss-up between yesterday's hockey medal, or the previous day's 'Donut-Eating' championship.

Photos to follow.

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  1. Hi. I posted a comment this morning but it didn't register. Looks like a fun day at the hockey. These are great photos - what sort of camera due you use? Thanks for the birthday wishes; being 9/11 it's not forgotten!



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