Friday, 3 September 2010


Spring was heralded in the most beautiful of fashions in these parts, with the arrival of not one, but two little darlings on the first day of the season.  Brother and sister, they are the first of eleven babies due this week.  Our first of the season, the most exciting time of the year.

Meanwhile our other babies are growing rapidly...

And why wouldn't they be, with a self-serve, thermostatically controlled milk-machine at their beck and call.  It's only been the past week they've taken to exiting their sty to join Mama in the paddock, lining up to a serve of boiled sorghum and corn morning and evening. 
Be warned pig-a-lets:  There's only one end result for fat piggies!

Ella, our great black protector, keeps a vigilant watch over them.  I'm yet to work out how her mind ticks, but she most definitely has some form of compulsive disorder when it comes to piglets!  I won't even mention our attempt at keeping guinea pigs!

And with the onset of longer days, and kids' bikes all receiving a mechanical overhaul earlier in the week, the children are finding they actually have time up their sleeve before heading for the bus, to further enhance their bike-riding skills.

Needless to say, some are already sporting multi-coloured bruising from the state of our road.
What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger my child.
They hate it when I say that.

My three girls are going to be gardening with me this weekend.  A pleasant break from the stockwork that's taken up a lot of recent weekends.  Wallace and Dad won't be involved.  They don't 'do' gardening. It's girls' work.  Like washing up.  They seem to forget they're outnumbered.

And with Father's Day fast approaching, one would think one might be a little more careful how one treads.

Just sayin'.


  1. Don't do gardening hey? A familiar refrain around here too although communicated in a subtle, implied manner rather than delivered outright -but I did very much appreciate the four wheeler spray job last weekend....and tomorrow, are you going to let Matthew polish that nice trophy that YOU won a few months ago - after all, it will be Fathers Day? A little treat for him maybe?

  2. Don't worry Matthew, I have your back. The reinforcements are recooperating well, you have my support old mate. Nobody mentioned that you and Wallace will probably be getting on with all the real work.
    Happy Fathers Day!

  3. Oh you have a Rotti! Beautiful Girl Ella, best dogs in the world.



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