Monday, 6 September 2010

What a Weekend!

The girls and I enjoyed a productive weekend in both the garden and the kitchen.
Racing to beat the forecast rain, we set about revamping a large garden that hadn't survived last year's dry spell.

The 'theme' for this garden was tough, hardy, drought-tolerant and anything else that sported a tag stating 'Thrives on Neglect'.  Over the ensuing weeks and months I've no doubt we will fully test those three little words.

Matthew kick-started the rotary hoe for me and most obligingly hoed half the bed before heading into a school working bee for the morning.   After much pulling, pushing, choke-on, choke-off, choke-on, pulling, muttering, I managed to re-start the beast and lurch and jerk my way through the remainder of the bed under the watchful eye of my foremen.

My two older girls dug and planted and carted hay and were a huge help all day.  The littlest helper, whilst looking the part was last seen heading in the general direction of the hayshed with her brother to save the world from evil forces.

After humming, haaing, placing, re-placing, Sarah set to work.  I was beat, I needed to sit and watch.

And she did a super job. 

Meanwhile the boss had returned from the working bee and headed off with fire-lighter in hand.

The horse paddock and house paddock were soon barely visible for smoke.
And very timely, with 13 mil of rain falling overnight.  While the big rain fell to the south of us, we're enjoying a wonderful start to the season, very different from this time last year.

After finishing the garden project, Jess and I retired to the kitchen where we set about our first ever attempt at Creme Brulee. 

If I ever have a regret in life, it will be that I didn't start making Creme Brulee twenty years ago.  What a treat!

Jessie set about making a thousand meringues from the surplus egg whites.

And so with a belly full of lasagne, creme brulee and topped off with fistfuls of meringue, all is well with the world. 


  1. What's that old saying, "Rain in the first couple of weeks in September, then good follow up Christmas-New Year week"! Now where have I Heard that before?
    Good luck with the new Government.

  2. Gee you girls were busy on the weekend; looks like a good choice of plants, well done. Love the meringues too. Good to hear you ordered the book - ask me anything and I'll tell you what I did (if I can). You'll be able to tweak the plan to suit your circumstances. I covered my stations with shadecloth in the really hot weather. Creme brûlée hey? Might have to give it a try one day soon.



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