Monday, 25 October 2010

Don't Fence me In

After more than one phone call from our neighbour enlightening us to the fact our cows were in their place once more, we set about rectifying the problem Saturday. With a five o'clock start and all hands on deck we tackled our farthest boundary fence. With the terrain so rocky and mountainous, it is impossible to erect a full boundary, with wires run as far as man can walk up the mountain, in the hope that cows will surrender and turn back before reaching the end of the fence-line. With the hills so steep and underfoot rocks so loose, it was actually quite frightening at some points. With steelies, wire and pliers in hand, unfortunately the camera had to stay on lower ground. The kids set about exploring, giving their nervous, height-wary mother palpitations as they meandered their way through rocks and grass trees like aboriginal wanderers.

As goes hand in hand with any out-the-back work on this here farm, damper and syrup were compulsory smoko-fare. 
"Cookie, did you wash those hands???"

With these boy scouts on hand, it wasn't long before the smell of baking damper filled the air.

Mealtimes are a big part of any operation with this mob.

Even though this cowgirl looks as though she could do with a little more sustenance.

I can still see you!

Sarah acosted this poor young lizard in her true Harry Butler style.

Back on lower ground, with the assistance of the bike, wires ran out much more efficiently. With Wallace acting as the eyes in the back of Dad's head, on lookout for a wave from Mum if any problems arose with the wire feeding out of the spool.

Tied off at one end, strained at the other, girls than jumped into action tying wire off to steelies.

Sarah's shadow Ruby never too far away.

Meanwhile, Miss Muffet avoided too much in the work department but busied herself all the same.

Proud as punch, coming back into sight with a great collection of grass-tree spears.

"Be able to build some good stuff with these Mum".

Needless to say, all team members opted for an early night and slept soundly.


  1. Man, my childhood just sprang in front of my eyes again! Love that you are recording these moments, if only just for me to stare at fondly.

  2. Great photos; and the damper looks delicious. No wonder you all slept soundly, fencing is hard work.



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