Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Eagle has Landed

...or at least the chooks have relocated.

Eight of these hens are now living in their dome happily scratching and munching their way through loads of compostable material I'm thowing at them every day.  They think they're on holidays.  This morning has seen the construction of our first compost pile. Just what I've always wanted. Happy, happy day.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling a tightening in my chest at the thought of school going back tomorrow.  I used to feel the same way when it was me going to school, now I feel it for my children.  Who probably don't feel a thing.

They've been basking in the glorious Spring weather we're currently enjoying, playing with dogs, chooks and of course the chickens that are again residing in the laundry.

You may notice our girls are going through a little bandana 'phase' at the moment.
Better than a dreadlocks phase I guess. 
And far less expensive than Pandora jewellery.


  1. We had a vote a decided it'sthe best photo of Sarah ever!

  2. Love the chickens what beautiful girls.
    You're dog looks very similar to one of my girls too.
    Love the picture of your kids in bandanas. I agree with you, better that then all the crap thats out there to entice the kids. I think they look great & I for one went through a bandana stage myself.
    Your are a kindred spirit, only you get to get to do it on the land, I get to do it on a 800sqm block. Sigh. One day.
    Our chooks are producing the most adorable little eggs. The hubster is out building up the new vegie gardens at the moment. They are looking great. Here's to heaps of fresh vegies & fruit.


  3. Hi, I'm excited that you finished the dome and moved the chooks in - and that you started a compost heap. Looking forward to following it all now. My first station only took two weeks to be ready but I did have a good supply of compost on hand but at the end of that time I ran out and the next stations took weeks longer. Also, I think I let the first station sit for two weeks to cool down as the mix was a bit hot. Even then I fried the first batch of beetroot seedlings. it's all a bit of trial and error.

    I burst out laughing when I read what Matthew said about Gibbo. He won't be feeling too happy now as the Roosters lost; the kids and I forgot about daylight saving and by the time we turned the tv on, the game was nearly over.

    it sounds as though a houseyard fence might test both our mens' commitment!

    Have a good week, I'm really impressed with how quickly you got the dome up and running.


  4. and 100,000 times better than a tattoo..



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