Friday, 22 October 2010

It's All About The Kids!

Early one Saturday morning a couple of weeks past we loaded our saddled horses and weaved westward en-route to a weekend of horse-sport revelry.

While Dad headed off in the truck, I carted my seventeenth load from the house to the car... swags, pillows, sleeping bags, towels, eskies, helmets, chairs, clothes, all for a one night sleep-over.  I reminded myself time and again...

And so it was.

Sally had a ball. She was just smiling on the inside in this shot.

Horses were ridden, medallions presented...

championships awarded...
a barbecue dinner shared, tall tales told, and we bunked down for a night of pillow-fighting, children giggling, sleep-deprived, mosquito-swatting pain frivolity.
The next morning, after a rather wet trail ride (did I mention the inch of rain that fell in a storm overnight), we headed for home, whereby I carted the now wet chairs, swags, sleeping bags, towels, dirty clothes, boots, eskies all back to the house and set about washing them, as Dad and horses made their way back across the range.


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  1. So true. It is only now that I have children that I realise just how much my own mother must of worked for us. My Dad worked long hours underground & really just relaxed at home, Mum DID sooo much towards all the events & trips.
    On YA Mum.
    I tell myself the same thing everytime it takes me an hour just to organise everyone out the door for a football game with drinks, hats, sunscreen & snacks.
    Then there is the washing, always the washing.
    ps gorgeous shots of the kids.



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