Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Post-Sale Wrap Up

For those people in the bull-breeding business, this time of year is the 'pointy end of the stick'.  We made a decision this year to take our bulls north to Charters Towers to market, and were quite satisfied with the results.  In what was a tough sale, our bulls looked good and sold well.

The world's biggest bull sale, known as Brahman Week was conducted the week earlier, close to Rockhampton.  An absolute highlight of the year, particularly for the social aspect, catching up with fellow Brahman enthusiasts, the kids were excused from school for the first two days of this term, and we headed down to enjoy the thrill of the sale.  Nearly a thousand bulls pass through the sale ring over three days, and I'm happy to sit there and study every one.  With catalogue in hand, prices are filled in, notes jotted down, genetics evaluated.

Not so, this year.  My Brahman Week became more of a Brahman Half-day.  Sally took ill about two hours into this year's sale.  Lying with head on my lap in the over-crowded colusseum that is the CQLX Sale Centre, I watched her complexion change from peachy-cream to greyish-white, eyes glazed and belly hurting.  I raced away, dragging all but one child, who decided to stay with her grandparents.  Unfortunately I was not to return to Brahman Week.

All was not lost. The sale is taped and live-streamed straight to your desktop.  So for the next two days I sat glued to my laptop, relaying any note-worthy results immediately through to Matthew who had been summonsed to Longreach on Day 3 of the sale.  Amazing technology, I was able to keep up with sale results, while still doing washing!  Amazing.

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