Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Three Pressing Questions

a)  Where did they get those exquisitely-shaped eyebrows?

b)  How are we going to pay for the required orthodontic work?

c)  What happened to Number 7?


  1. a) Yes they are beautifully shaped eyebrows, on everyone. They'll be able to put them to good use in later years - my mother didn't often have to say anything - she just raised an eyebrow and we got the message loud and clear.

    b) We have a little joke in our family - whenever we (or the kids) have an outlandish request we say "just sell a bull". Doesn't always work but it makes us laugh.

    c) I think he's there; he's just shy.

  2. Your questions are so funny! I had to look for No 3!! Beejay

  3. PS: You forgot to mention their 'cheekbones to die for' - stunning!! Beejay (again!)



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