Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Camp 2010

The two big girls and I have just enjoyed an enlightening, educational, cram-packed full of activity, exhausting week of school camp!!!  Eleven students, comprising the Year 4 to 7 cohort of our school, along with our principal and myself jetted our way south for five days and four nights of non-stop adventure.

Our trip to Brisbane by plane (first time for many of our students) proved to be just the start of many 'first-time' adventures for our young wide-eyed country kids.

First stop was the Museum.  Here the girls tried their hand at flying using a bat-flight simulator?!?

The Sciencentre was one of the biggest highlights of Day 1 with these optical illusions a lot of fun!

 Day 2 saw us tour the grand and impressive Government House, and amongst other things a run on the hallowed turf of Suncorp Stadium.

 The Lego Educational Centre provided an insight into robotics.

The Botanical Gardens provided a picture-perfect opportunity for a afternoon tea.

And then Dreamworld, featuring the majestic Rama...

Almost more fun than eleven wide-eyed bush kids could handle.

Other highlights included a tour of Parliament House, sightseeing on Mt Cootha, a trip to the Planetarium, a guided tour of the Port of Brisbane, Art Gallery, River Cruise...
What a wonderful week with a group of well-behaved, respectful and polite youngsters.
They did us proud!


  1. WOW, that is a huge trip away.
    What a lucky group of kids.
    Fantastic you were able to attend.
    My "big" boy is off to the snow next July & I am nervous already about not being able to be there. But the Dad's get to go, so that helps, a bit.
    Hope you all had a ball

  2. Welcome Back. Looks like a great time was had by all with plenty of smiles and laughter.

  3. Welcome home. But did you know that Mrs Big Milton is pregnant? And is the cold room working? Important things are going on in the bush too, you know.



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