Sunday, 14 November 2010

Harry Potter and other things...

Harry Potter, the girls, Fred the Wonderdog and I set off early checking waters and looking for new calves.  Finding new babies is always made so much easier having a wizard on board.  Impeccable attention to detail, amazing eyesight and an ability to distract a mama cow in that fluorescent flapping raincoat cum trenchcoat.

This little tyke had barely gulped his first sweet breath when we stumbled upon him on our rounds this morning.  The sixth consecutive bull born to King Willie, our newest bull acquistion.

This week has been spent preparing for next weekend's flush, with donors requiring four days of morning and evening needling preparing them to superovulate, and recips also requiring needling to align their cycles with the donor females.  After two evenings of observation and AI'ing, we're now all prepared for flushing in seven days time, when embryos are at a stage able to be readily identified, handled and transferred.

In the meantime, Harry Wallace, Sally and Dad are preparing for a week alone, as I board a jet plane with Sarah and Jessie for Brisbane early tomorrow morning.  Everybody, other than Wallace, Sally and Dad are very excited!

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  1. Things are always magical when there's a wizard in the family! It must have been steamy in that raincoat. Love the photo of the calf, very cute wrinkled nose. He already looks distinguished.

    Have fun in Brisbane, enjoy the week away. I'm sure it will be busy. I'm both looking forward to and dreading my week, filled with both celebration and sadness. The very last assignment I ever checked for grammar and punctuation was about Britney Spears!!

    "See" you when you get back.



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