Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nineteen Years Ago...

...on a Friday evening in early April, I walked into a bar in a small western town.

Not a regular pub-goer, I was co-erced into town by the farmer and his wife who worked on the same property as me.  Having only started work on the Tuesday of that week, they thought it a fitting introduction to the area.  Filled to the point of standing-room only, the bar-room was a mixture of older locals perched on bar-stools, families having dinner and the younger crowd from nearby properties in town for a night of socialising.

I met a lot of people that evening.  Not least of all, one strapping young man, tall, dark and lean.  Black hair curling to his collar, his charismatic charm seemed to draw people towards him.

Little did I know then, that some four years later (and fifteen years ago today) he would become my husband. 

Forever and ever.


  1. I love your story. How gorgeous do you look on your Wedding day. Beautiful. 4 kids later & its all good. Such a happy story.
    Mine is similar, but it involves an old bush hall & a blues band & a few Club Zero drinks, remember them? Ha.


  2. And I got a great daughter-in-law and four terrific grand-kids. I'm glad you decided to go to the pub. Good pick-up Big Matt.

  3. Happy anniversary. I love to hear how happy couples met, especially when they could so easily have passed each other in life and never found each other. Thank goodness you agreed to go to the pub that day back when...

  4. ...and you'd only been around for four days and you met the man of your dreams. Great story. There's something about charismatic charm hey? Some have it, most don't. Happy Anniversary to you both.



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