Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Out my Back Door...

Spring is definitely in the air.
Rain continues to fall and all of nature is rejoicing.

The dwarf agapanthus lining the front steps are shouting their joy,

as are the impatiens,

 this lavender (?),

the red roses are blooming,

whilst the pansies have nearly reached the end of their glory.

Moving away from the 'pretty', to the more 'practical' aspect of the back yard...

the corn seems to be doing well, 

this tub of lettuce is keeping us in fresh lunch salads

 the first mangoes are probably only one week off picking,

The second round of seedlings have been planted and are enjoying the rain

while these girls are working hard on turning Site 3 into a productive garden bed.

Meanwhile, the mower is having somewhat of a crisis, resulting in the lawn beginning to display some triffid-like behaviour.


  1. Snow today and it has been -6.7c overnight. My brother, who lives in OZ, is over here because my father died. I took James out on a long walk yesterday toughen him up!!!!

  2. Please keep the beautiful spring pictures coming! We're cold and snowing and it is only going to get colder with more snow! I know, I know, we're on the other side of the world and you've already endured your winter...But, sometimes it's just not fair! I miss my roses! :-) But, I must admit, I do love playing in the snow!



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