Friday, 31 December 2010

2010: The Year in Review

After the horror drought of 2009, rain began to fall at Christmas and we spent  January rejoicing at no longer having to drag a molasses trailer around the place keeping cows alive.  My baby girl started school, leaving a gap in my life, no amount of chocolate could fill.  After ten years of having a little one by my side I was a little lost.  So, of course I followed her off to school.  Relieving one of our wonderful teacher aides, who was taking a six month break from school, I filled in three days a week.

February saw the rain continue to fall with 429 mm recorded in our diary.  That's one wet month.  My beautiful second daughter turned 9, we celebrated with pavlova.

Another 149 mm fell in March with many children unable to make it to school due to flooded creeks and boggy roads.  The six children that did make it to school one Monday in March (four of them ours), stood on the school verandah and watched Perkins Creek burst its banks and spread across our oval.

In my first year as President of our local Agricultural Show association, our local show came and went in April.  A great success, it was the first year Fred the Wonderdog didn't win the Dog Jump event, although he did do a PB and came third, his daughter placing second, and a giant pig dog (sorry, no pig dogs allowed in 2011) winning the event.  With Old Nev visiting, we attended our first Anzac Day dawn service.

May came and went with little fuss.  The kids spoilt me with an assortment of beautifully self-made Mother's Day Cards.  Still waiting for that call from Hallmark, and am expecting bigger things from Wallace in 2011.
Our big girl celebrated her eleventh birthday in June, the kids all competed in their first ever campdraft and Dad and Sarah attended a dog-training school together.
July provided a grand adventure, with the three oldest children and I flying to Brisbane to visit Grandad who had just undergone knee replacement surgery on both legs.

We also won the prestigious CQ Carcase Competition with a brahman steer, cause for great celebration.

With normal winter conditions setting in, we commenced feeding lick, again bringing the old molasses trailer out of hybernation and starting the rounds.

In August our baby turned 6, we had an early celebration during a brief visit to Grandi and Old Nev, followed up by another party at home.

We had an Interschool Sports Carnival

as the fog retreated to the hills.
And Mama Pig had piglets for us.

We welcomed Spring with the addition of new babies. 

Our favourite time of year, September saw the construction of a chook dome and the commencement of vegetable gardening,

the creation of our first cake pops,

and a fair dose of horse-work (not to be confused with housework).

Our first ever inter-school hockey carnival was enjoyed, the highlight for these kids being the posession of mouth-guards.  Cool!
October is our big business month with bull sales in full swing.  We headed to Charters Towers this year and were very happy with the results.
We completed one boundary fence, the chooks continued to work tirelessly on turning bare ground into vege gardens,
and somebody in the household turned (sshhhh)  f.o.r.t.y.
November saw a wedding anniversary, 

a trip to Brisbane for school camp and a whole lot more wonderful rain.

Wrapping up the year, December saw over 500 mm of glorious precipitation, setting us up for a productive 2011 featuring fat cows and sappy weaners. The two boys of the family celebrated their birthdays and we enjoyed Christmas.

Here's to another big, bold, full year ahead.
We're ready for you 2011.


  1. Hi Fiona, I love this post so much. You have inspired me to do the same. The kids look so happy. I absolutely love your black & white outfit, you look gorgeous. Our holiday was great, but it is good to be home, catching up on my life.
    Talk soon, Niki
    Ps what format is your blog page on blogger. I feel the need for a change.

  2. Oh, Fiona, what a brilliant post! I am lapping it up as a city girl. I'm learning so much about country life through your blog ☺. Thanks for this fabulous wrap-up - now I have a feel for what pattern this year might bring. Take a bow! I am so delighted to have found you in Blogland in 2010. J x

  3. Great post Fiona - you certainly have had a busy 2010!! Lets hope for a great 2011 with lots of happiness and good health! Donna

  4. An aha moment... thanks, Fiona. Chooks plus bare ground equals vegie garden... well sort of, a good starting point anyway. Will take that one to Mr SJW for consideration! G

  5. Happy New Year to you and your ridiculously photogenic family! What an amazing year you've had. You have been SO busy. Your ability to make a chicken dome one day and cake pops the next has me in awe. You're my hero!! Hope you have just the right amount of rain:) Meredy xo.

  6. Looks like a good year.......Happy New Year from Canada and all the very best in 2011!



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