Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Apple for the Teacher

While I've no doubt an apple would have been a far healthier option, it would have been nowhere near as much fun to create, and certainly not as seasonally fitting.  The girls and I got busy making Xmas truffles to give to the wonderful teaching staff at our beautiful school.

Decorated to emulate little plum puddings, the fillings can be anything you like.  This year to be different we've made a milk choc-coffee centre, greatly enhanced by the addition of some Kahlua.  The soft centre is a beautiful contrast as you crunch through the outer dark choc coating.

Now if this doesn't help with our report cards, I'm lost!


  1. These look and sound delish, I will being doing the school thing next week, these are a great idea.

  2. Don't forget Oldnev the greatest truffle lover of all time.



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