Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Boxing Day

Despite torrential rain falling from Christmas Eve to now, the kids had little trouble finding indoor activities to amuse them.

Wallace declaring this Christmas the best yet, with lego a major factor in the joy he was experiencing.

Sally had not only written to Santa requesting a dog named Bella, but also mentioned it to him when talking to him at the local shopping centre.  She knew, before opening the big green parcel from Santa what she had in her hands.

 Jigsaw puzzles are a perennial favourite, moreso during wet weather.

And then, when a brief break in the rain appeared, outside we would head:

 Too cold for grown-ups, but quite acceptable for those aged twelve and under.

 And then the kites came out.

And despite the wind dropping away as quickly as it would appear, a great deal of fun followed.

And just as things started to turn ugly, with crashing kites and knotted lines.

Dad returned from a trip home to feed animals, check calving heifers and generally do the rounds, just in time to start de-tangling duties.

1 comment:

  1. What gorgeous shots, Fiona - bravo you! Love the pressies - what classics you chose. And good old Dad to the rescue ☺. J x



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