Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Christmas Baby

Seems it just wouldn't be Christmas without a little calving drama.

Last year on Boxing Day we were too late to save a little breech baby, losing his mum as well several days later.  The year before we 'helped' a heifer calve, only to have her lose sight of her maternal duties and abandon said baby.

This year's Christmas calving has ended a little more happily.

This particular old cow, thankfully decided to calve within sight of the house.  At smoko time she could be seen kicking at her belly, taking backward steps, looking behind, telltale signs of an impending delivery.  Unfortunately by mid afternoon she was no further advanced.  No sight of two little feet and Mama becoming rather distressed, lying flat out on her side straining.

We walked her to the yards and up the crush where Matthew set about donning gloves and conducting an internal exam.  Rather than being presented with two front feet forward and little head nestled between, allowing for a smooth exit, the calf's head was bent back.  With epidural administered to stop Mama pushing so hard, Matthew managed to push the calf back sufficiently to turn the head around.  It was only at this point, with fingers in baby's mouth, did Matthew feel the bite of baby, and allow us the relief of knowing we had a live one.  Baby came out with some assistance, had a rigorous chest massage and gulped his first breath.

A most successful outcome.
Happy Christmas baby boy.


  1. How wonderful to have a new baby animal for Christmas.. Wishing you and your adorable munchkins a blessed holiday season...

  2. Stories like this make me well up. Happy Birthday little man

  3. Just another day at the office, it seems.

  4. Oh, my! Fiona, this is like a gripping novel. I want more! J x

  5. pleased for a happy end for Mum and Baby.



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