Friday, 17 December 2010

Construction 101

We've had quite the busy day today.

As well as doing the rounds this morning, milking the cow, returning recips to their rightful paddock, power-washing the breezeway, dog cages and vet crush, as well as cleaning and stocktaking the yards lab, we managed to whip this little festive abode together. 

I use the term 'we' rather loosely.  I was merely a labourer.
"We're right Mum, you hang the washing out".

The girls did the baking yesterday,
so today it was just about throwing it all together.
With an assortment of colourful building blocks on offer...

they set about glueing and placing...

testing and tasting...

(in fact I don't think he was allowed to do much of anything else)
[I would have let you help me with the washing buddy].

Until finally, it was complete.

And only 3476 kilojoules per serve.
Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.


  1. Hi Fiona, thanks for leaving a comment on my post - I completely agree with you. This is my first time at your blog and your title photo made me catch my breath with it's beauty. I was a horsey girl and it's still in my veins, dormant, but when I see kids on horses my heart leaps! Your photos are stunning - so clear and crisp. Oh and the gingerbread house? What a beautiful job they did!

  2. I love the gingerbread house, but I still think the little Christmas puddings are the best. Good cooking girls and Wallace.
    By the way the down pipe off the garage came off in the storm last night.

  3. Oh, Fiona, this is an adorable post. Good for you for organising it all, Mummy! Their delight and interest is so palpable. And the photos are so bold and vibrant - just fabulous. J x PS So pleased to see you've found my friend, sweet Sarah.

  4. Love it. I made ginger bread houses once but never attempted with my own children. Very brave of you. Julia

  5. Looks fantastic girls! Little chefs in the making. My only question is, "does it travel well" Ha. See you at Xmas. x Aunty Dinah



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