Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Sometimes at this time of year I can be prone to rather unkind thoughts.

Usually aimed at the more organised mothers who keep appearing before me.
The ones who delight in telling me at school functions that their Christmas shopping is done!
That they're currently wrapping teacher gifts!
That their first batch of macadamia caramel shorbread is already in the freezer! 
That their house is entirely decorated and their husband is this weekend erecting the LCD nativity display, complete with flashing donkeys, camel herd, the entire township of Bethlehem, not to mention the three wise men trekking across the roof.
And while I know it's not very Christian, I can't help but wishing for some little bump to appear on their smooth Christmas highway.
That maybe the household circuit board will not quite handle that last fluorescent halo and melt the switchboard, leaving the display in darkness and the shortbread going soft!

And I feel bad for thinking it.
It's just not Christmassy.

And every year I hear myself saying the same thing.

"Oh, it's not Christmas for me if I'm not tearing through the shops the day before Christmas, having circled the carpark for forty minutes in search of a parking spot which is inevitably some 3 kilometres from the nearest elevator, then joining with the great throng of other high-pressure-laden shoppers feeling the true spirit of the season.  That's what I love about Christmas!  It's quite an adrenaline rush, you really should try it".

"For me Christmas Eve is all about being up way beyond midnight still wrapping presents and wondering if I should have indeed bought more wrapping paper.  All the while keeping one eye on bedroom doors for fear of the appearance of eager little eyes always on the lookout for Santa.  Then having my eyes pried open by chubby fingers at 4:30 Christmas morning amidst screams of "He came, he came".

And I've no doubt this season will be exactly the same.

It's just how I do Christmas!


  1. S#*t, is it that close?

  2. Don't fret sounds like my christmas exactly. I love the stillness of christmas eve when everyone is finally asleep and I can start to get my head around presents - with a little nightcap of course.

  3. Your funny. I am a bit of both. Once the hubster & I were up till 3am swearing over a swingset & then the two oldest came screaming in, eyes bright at 5am. I felt like crying.
    And I am always, always, always wrapping late on Christmas Eve no matter how organised I am.
    But I love me a bit of Christmas & I usually have the house done early, only so I can enjoy. I must say this year though, the tree isn't going up till this weekend. Its just the way it worked out. Niki x

  4. I had planned on putting up my tree etc today but I was okay until I got to reading your blog and visualising "the flashing donkeys".LOL



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