Sunday, 26 December 2010

It's Not about the Food...

but it's certainly a much enjoyed extra this time of year.

Christmas Eve we came to town, heads hung a little low, all feeling a little disappointed that the torrential rain covering much of Queensland had meant my brother and family would be remaining at their northern home.

But the show must go on, and we set about whipping up the following dinner:


Roast suckling pig, the back half at least.  With news there would be a few less at the dinner table, we delivered the front half of the pig to an appreciative neighbour.

Accompaniments included:

And was followed by:

This family favourite pavlova.
A delightful new take on an old favourite.  Two layers of pav created with the addition of some roasted hazelnuts to the mix.  One layer generously sprinkled with extra hazelnuts before baking.  Sandwiched with a cream cheese, cream and Kahlua filling, with both layers drizzled with melted chocolate.

A good start to Christmas.
Only would have been made better by the addition of my brother and his family.


  1. The wedding ring box had an ipod in it-much joy!
    First time I have been fooled in years.
    Great Christmas lunch.Must go. Can't concentrate with George Strait crooning in my ear.

  2. Pork and Pavlova - my two favorite foods!! The rellies are beginning to make their way to us despite the rain, 7 here so far, 13 still to come. The dog we are looking after had 9 pups yesterday which just adds to the chaos.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoy the holidays.

  4. Crazy! We live on opposite sides of the world, usually have snow for Christmas, but instead have tons of rain and a flood just like you guys! Glad to hear you still had a wonderful holiday!

  5. Dry here this morning, hasn't rained since last night although I see showers in the distance. We are dry and safe and warm but town is a different story. Sounds like a dam broke and flooded this side of town, adding to the huge volume of water from the creek and causing flooding where there wouldn't normally have been any. Six of our visitors didn't make it here; I think they'll try today or tomorrow depending on road reports. How are you going, weather wise?

  6. In hindsight we could have come without getting stuck. Looks like we missed out on some yummy food...bugger! We will make it down soon. We promise...just have to get this boat finished...if the rain would ever go away. We had heaps up here as well as a tornado! Unbelievable...Mother Nature is not happy. Love Peter, Dinah, Jack and Ben xxxx



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