Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Lucky Dip

We have a new chore system in place for the holidays.

Each morning at breakfast I devise 4 chores, write them on scraps of paper and place them in a hat. The lucky chore dip ensues, with each child the proud recipient of a task.

The jobs aren't mammoth, hard-hat wearing, steel cap boot-toting type jobs; just small simple tasks that I'm hopeful will allow for a more smooth running abode over the holidays. And more importantly a little moral lesson in life not being a party! Jobs like: clean the vanity basin, sweep the laundry, hose the verandah, clean your duchess etc etc. And at the top of each job, the probing question: "Have you made your bed?"

So far it's working well, the kids are actually excited about the lucky dip, poor little souls. And when the job's done, away with you my sweets. See you when your bellies are rumbling.

Now if I could only get Matthew to pull a job out of the hat!


  1. What a fab idea, and one that I think I need to try as well.

  2. I really love your chores in a hat idea. I am planning to institute it in the new year.

    Thank you!



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