Friday, 3 December 2010

My Boy

This time eight years ago, as my vice-like grip on the gas mouthpiece caused vessels in my forearms to swell, as the supersonic rattle of the beads in the nitrous-oxide device hummed a tune of despair, as Matthew flicked from channel to channel to channel on the delivery room television, finally resting on 'The Price is Right' my baby boy was close to meeting the world. 

All ten pounds of him. 

As Larry Emdur called "Come on Down", Wallace came on out.  Big, bald and beautiful. And as my obstetrician missed yet another of my deliveries, we revelled in the glory of our beautiful Summer baby.

Today, as floodrains kept the schoolkids home for the day, we got to enjoy a full day of birthday revelry.

Sarah created a chocolate masterpiece incorporating chocolate biscuits plastered together with chocolate cream, smothered in more of the same and liberally doused in grated dark chocolate.  Together with a cappucino, smoko was a step above the normal salada and sliced tomato.

Happy Day


  1. Happy Birthday Wal, wish I was sharing some of that Birthday Cake and Spare ribs with you. Have a great day. Old Nev.

  2. Ah yes, men and their coping strategies in the labour room - but Larry Emdur?!
    Cake and coffee look great and what a treat to stay home on your 8th birthday.
    Happy Birthday Wallace, I'm sure all those girls spoiled you terribly!

    Fiona - We head off to the beach for a week tomorrow, then Meg's graduation ceremony in Bris then Drew's teeth op in Tba. I had to cancel the op for this week as he came home with the dreaded Schoolies bug which I now have. It's been crazy trying to get organized (hence no blogging this week) but t I think we're nearly ready. The kids are leaving early as Canada orientation is on tomorrow in Bris; we follow later for parent orientation which may or may not involve some tissues. Then we hit the coast for a week of r & r. Maryanne

  3. Happy birthday, my eldest boy is 8 tomorrow!! He wants me to make a motorbike cake????

  4. Happy Birthday Wallace, growing like a weed.
    Just catching up on your last few posts....if you pinch off the dead flowers the Pansies will keep flowering for a while longer.



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