Thursday, 16 December 2010

'Tis Time

After a night of to-ing and fro-ing, upping and downing, reminiscent of those days not so long ago, when the baby needed feeding, the toddler needed a dwink, the four year old needed to go wee wee and the five year old heard a dingo, vewwy, vewwy close, I'm relying on caffeine to pull me through.  Then, as now, Matthew slept through without complaint. 

This night there were no dependent babies, just the heat detection of donor cows and Matthew in Melbourne on a four day flushing trip.  And with three heifers already AI'd and three remaining for this afernoon, I am trying valiantly to inject some Xmas cheer into my thoughts as children skip and laugh, wondering when can we start making the gingerbread house.  Just as soon, my sweets, as this caffeine begins to restore life as we know it to my being.

So, with the week so far comprising calves being tagged, cows dipped, and the next draft of springing recips brought in closer to calve, 'tis time to commence Christmas.  Hams and bacon are immersed in brine in the coldroom, hundreds of sausages are hanging from hooks and pork chops have been cryovac-ed and frozen.  Today's plan involves a house cleaning overhaul, creation of a gingerbread house, packaging and cryovac-ing the sausages, plus three more heifers to AI.



  1. I'd need more than coffee to get me through a night and day like that! Did you say Matthew was away on a flushing trip or a fishing trip? The pork sounds wonderful; it's my favorite meat (comments like that almost amount to blasphemy in my household).

    I am sitting in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and give the all clear so that I can take my 'baby' home. He is sore and his face is swollen but he's ok.

    I was really impressed with your corn from the garden and the beautiful meal you cooked the other night. It's so satisfying to eat something you've planted, watered and harvested yourself.

    Good luck with the gingerbread house; Meg is planning one for this weekend. Also good luck with the Xmas shopping.

    Will let you know when I put the grad photos up - and a couple I took of the patient before and after!

  2. Well, old Di's off shopping and I'm trying to get the second part of Fred's story organized, but I kind of wish I was knee-deep in the sausages and hams and pork chops and specially those little plum pudding things.
    Glad you're all looking forward to such a bountiful Christmas.

  3. Ahhh fun times. Keep that caffeine drip happening or you might mix up the jobs and the cows might produce some very jolly gingerbread pigs come next calving.

  4. LOL sounds like a nice spring day if it was here!! Thanks for stopping in and commenting, nice to see how things are done is Australia!!



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