Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Season of Peace & Goodwill

This trampoline was part of the great Christmas loot received by our kids this year.  With thanks to Nanny and Grandad.

Of course it came in a large box containing some 317 parts, various U-bolts, trampoline mat, springs, foam edging, the spring-attaching-tool amongst other things

... and an instruction booklet.

What didn't come in the box was

... a marriage guidance counsellor
... to assist with construction.

The kids are absolutely loving their new outdoor thrill-seeking device

... and I'm sure Matthew and I will be speaking again sometime in the new year.


  1. Hey Big Matt, I still love you.Are you getting the big party treatment or making do with KFC?
    Give the 'Bundy'Cask a nudge.Happy Birthday.

  2. Kids and tramps are such a natural combination ;) Enjoy!

  3. I remember a similar incident with a swing set some 20 years ago. Our marriage survived!

  4. Trampolines are just the absolute best. Our kids just love theirs. Gorgeous to see your kids having such a great time.

  5. Great grins on the kids faces! Don't you love it when a Christmas present is a huge hit!

    Unbelievable pictures on the tv of the floods up your way - keep safe! Donna

  6. They must be the healthiest looking kids I've ever seen, and it looks like they're really enjoying the tramp. I got on one last year- it had been a long time between bounces and it made me feel sick, oh it felt so wrong!



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