Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wait no More

At ten past eight each morning the frantic exit strategy begins.  While I stand in the laundry counting heads under hats, and reminding anybody who will listen of notes to be returned, library books and lunches, they scramble past, a mad dash to the front seat of the car. 

Many mornings, as we turn the front corner of the house-yard I glimpse the bus already waiting at our gate.  But most mornings we make it on time, and the kids take turns skipping rocks across the highway, and making air-horn-pulling gestures at passing semi's, who most obligingly return a friendly horn melody at the waving, cheering crew.

This week though saw the end of this morning ritual, with the bus route next year swinging to take on more numbers on the southern stretch of highway, leaving us to travel to school by car.  No more will our kids take turns sitting in the front seat of the bus, controlling the ipod for the trip, singing along to 'Hit me with your Best Shot', 'TNT', 'My Brown Eyed Girl' amongst others. 

And no more will Mrs P know more about our family-lives than she possibly ever needed to!


  1. What an interesting post - a real insight into the reality of your life. I love it - bravo! What a shame they changed the route. J x

  2. So we both finished the school bus gig, only for very different reasons. You get a different view of life traveling on a school bus, one that's not always PC. I spent 12 years on a school bus from '68 to '79 - it leaves an imprint!



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