Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We Heart Christmas

While I'm happy to admit I do love to cook, craft has never been my thing!
But wet, miserable days when kids can't roam outdoors call for drastic measures.
Reaching far back into the memory vault, I managed to recall this easy wreath, first created by Sarah at school many years past.  This time, instead of the everyday round wreath variety, we pushed an old clothes-hanger into something resembling a heart, cut strips of Christmas-coloured fabric and promptly left for the yards.  At least Matthew and I did, in gumboots, with mud almost oozing to the top, cows to palpate in preparation for tomorrow's flush.  With torrential rain forecast for our parts tomorrow it should be a fun day!
We returned to find Jessie's creation.
The addition of a red bow, and here we have a beautiful new Christmas-flavoured kitchen adornment.


  1. What a beatiful (and easy!) Christmas craft! Will definitely put this one on the list for 2011! Thanks for sharing. xo

  2. Great job!! We're wishing the rain stays away for another few weeks while we try and get harvest finished! Sorry to hear you have torrential rain coming. Good luck thinking of things to keep 4 kids busy indoors!

  3. Well done to the Xmas decorators. Have a happy Christmas!

  4. Just stunning, Fiona! My, I am learning so much about country life - now I'll have to Goggle 'palpate' and 'flush' and work out how they connect ☺. I think there's a post or two in that - explaining such words to us city folk! J x

  5. Very festive - hope the rain isnt to much of an issue. Its either more or less in the country isnt it.

  6. My husband just sat down in front of your blog whilst I was getting breakfast for kids. He lived in QLD for years on cattle stations. He looked at Brahmans and said "I just love Brahmans". And he does. He gets very nostalgic when he sees anything to do with country QLD. He thought you blog looked great.

  7. I love your wreath. I am not very crafty (Ok - not crafty at all) either but think I could manage it.

    Loving your Brahmans too.

    Best wishes for Christmas

  8. Oh the rain... it has brought out the craftiness in all at SJW too. Our poor tree can barely stand for all the paper chains, lanterns and pipe cleaners! Merry Christmas to you all. G

  9. Wow, that is beautiful. Hope the flush goes well. You'll be looking for a hot shower and a cold beer when it's done.



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