Thursday, 9 December 2010

You know I don't like to brag...

Our small school of twenty-six students and 1.5 teachers rolled out the red carpet yesterday to all families and community members wishing to celebrate the end of another school year.

A morning of frivolity ensued with various indoor and outdoor activities, resulting in parents and children sack-racing, egg and spoon-racing, celebrity head-guessing to name but a few of the rotations on offer.  The morning session concluded with a home-town documentary directed, produced by and starring our own students and of course the afternoon included the much-anticipated presentation of awards.  This year's dilemma for our clan, which has been the cause of much dinner-table discussion over preceeding weeks has been the fact that the intermediate academic age division includes Years 2 through 4, which of course includes both Wallace and Jessie.  They have enjoyed teasing each other with tales of who might win, who might cry, who might have their butt-whupped, who would come home boo-hooing and every other childish taunt imaginable between an 8 and 9 year old brother and sister.

Thankfully the teachers obviously had an insight into our family dynamic and saw fit to equally award the intermediate academic award to both Jessie and Wallace whose academic brilliance is obviously rivalled only by each other!  Sarah won the Senior award, with Sally ineligible as only in prep!

The little girl pictured is Hannah, winner of the Year 1 academic award.
We're thinking of adopting her.

The climax of the day was the end of year production with the children performing 'An Aussie Night before Xmas' for oohing and aahing onlookers, featuring stellar performances by the likes of this young possum.

and this young George Clooney in the making, whose performance of 'boy sleeping' was simply dazzling.

I'd just be interested to know what those two pyjama-clad girls are sharing here!

Interspersed with the ususal festive fare brought along by some of our districts most prolific bakers, end of day saw us all roll out the gate full, happy and content.

Tomorrow is free dress, clean up day at school with Friday an optional extra, our children opting to start holidays one day early!

Bring on the holiday cheer!


  1. The truffles must have worked eh?

  2. Must take after their mother hey?? Congrats to all, including little Possum.



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