Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Dark Day for Queensland

Mother Nature has dealt a dreadful hand to those in the southern regions of our beautiful state these past few days.

The situation which unfolded in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley is simply unfathomable.  People going about their daily lives hit with a wall of water.  Lives, vehicles, homes, animals carried away in a city known for its picturesque beauty.  The word surreal has been used so frequently in the past few days, but it's hard to find another that better conveys the feeling associated with seeing these visions of despair.  Visions we normally only see on the nightly news telling tales of other countries, other people, not our own.  This time these are our brothers and sisters, our fellow states-people.

We are situated some seven hundred kilometres to the north.  Our region has seen its share of flooding in the past week, but we knew ours was coming.  Flooding to the west slowly made its way through the river system, rising and spreading as it came.  People banded together, neighbour helped neighbour and while possessions may have been lost, no lives were.

There was no forewarning for this "inland tsunami", no media coverage foretelling the event, just families in their homes unaware of the looming tragedy.

To those many who have expressed concern for us, knowing we are situated in Queensland, we are high and dry, physically untouched by the floods.  Let your concern go south, to our friends and families waiting their turn.  To Ipswich and Brisbane, who hopefully have at least had some warning and have been able to evacuate low-lying regions.  Turn your thoughts to those families whose lives have been absolutely changed forever, family members lost, houses destroyed, who still have loved ones missing.

Ours thoughts are with you all.


  1. I find myself glued to the tv coverage, hoping to hear some news from the Lockyer valley - I know no one there, but I saw the raging waters lapping at the eaves of the houses...

    and while I am in tears hearing the survivors tales as they slowly filter through, I am wondering where they get the figure that 75% of the state is flood affected? on my map, when I draw a rough line from Rocky to west of emerald and south (not counting Ingham, that was sorta standard), I get around 1/3!!!!

  2. oh, geez...when i saw it on yahoo today i thought of you all and hoped all was well! so sorry for all those it affected.

  3. Something beautiful from something so ugly, seems only right. SO relieved you are ok, joining you in prayer for the others waiting.

    Much Love, C~

  4. It is just so horrible. So much of your beautiful state under water. I can't stop thinking about the poor people in Toowoomba and the Lockyer valley...

  5. Fiona

    Yes terrible - just some extra news. The Mayne Rail yards where the trains (electric) are kept for cleaning etc. has been evacuated. Trains started leaving enmasse at 1.00am - from just on the northern side of Albion, the trains are parked - one after another. BCC buses from a depot in the same area are now swamping the streets around the Clayfield, Wooloowin area for safety on high ground - it will be a security guard nightmare from the vandals!
    I was told by the station master that trains are being stopped presently at South Bank - the lines from there are out - trains north are stopping at Strathpine due to the flooding. The Shorncliffe line is open and trains cannot get to Ipswich. The Airport line is open at present but only from the city. That also may be terminated soon. The CBD has been shut down - I don't think anything is open. It is catastrophic to say the least.
    Glad to know that you, like me, are on high ground. An exceedingly excellent coverage of the situation by you, Fiona.

  6. Thanks for these insights, Fiona. I'm so relieved you're all okay. Words seem so empty and hollow when there are people out there dying. Saying my prayers in Hobart x

  7. I'm an Aussie in London and the news back home is breaking my heart. I can't stop thinking about all those people affected.

    I grew up in north west NSW, and like many parts of Aus, we had our share of spectacular storms. You'd sit on the verandah, beer in hand, and watch a storm roll in from the west - they were amazing to watch. But to have to run for your life as it got closer? I can't get my head around that.

  8. Glad you are safe. Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected by this horrible flooding.

    Blessings from Texas!

  9. I am so glad you and Colin are safe. The horror of all of this is just terrible. Prayers for all of you!




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